Enterprise Audio AI Platform

The WhoZis app learns and recognizes human voices in real-time on a mobile phone with no cloud connection.

DataShapes built WhoZis to demonstrate the unique capabilities and performance of our Direct Learning AI and the WhoZis audio AI engine.

Representing a new class of AI

Serverless, real-time, "Show and Go" learning and recognition, device-embeddable, adaptive and fungible AI.

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Breakthrough AI Applications

ShapesCloud and ShapesEdge real-time, embeddable SW applications deliver a range of unprecedented capabilities including on-the-fly learning and inference, continuous learning anomaly detection, massively scalable unstructured data search and fully auditable inference.

ShapesEdge applications are pure software, serverless, embeddable AI applications for recognition and monitoring of any streaming sensor data directly on the edge device. Current ShapesEdge applications are DataShaper for “ETL at the Edge” and WhoZis for audio and voice recognition on edge devices. In the near future, DataShapes plans to introduce the world’s first edge-embedded continuous learning/baseline anomaly detection application.

ShapesCloud applications are highly compute efficient AI applications for scaled search and analytic operations involving large streams or pools of unstructured data including media content, LIDAR, sonar and cardio. Our current ShapesCloud application is WaveSearch, a massive-scale cardio and waveform search and analytics engine. WaveSearch is presently optimized for large streaming and archived cardio waveforms and is readily adaptable to any time-based waveform data.

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The DataShaper "ETL at the Edge" application transforms unstructured data and exports Shapes data for use on any platform, any time, any where. DataShaper promises to unleash a wave of human creativity by democratizing unstructured data.

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WaveSearch is a massive-throughput waveform search and analytics engine for real-time processing of streaming waveform data. Wavesearch is demonstrable today and will be instantiated as a cloud application by Q2 2021.

We’re building a platform

DataShapes plans to deliver applications as services via a SaaS platform that will enable enterprises to select applications, manage them and to acquire and analyze the data the applications produce. Prior to completion of our SaaS platform, DataShapes applications are available today and will be configured to support transition to our SaaS platform.

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Scale at the Edge

Limitless Capabilities

Serverless Technology