Datashaper produces Shapes Data as our "ETL at the Edge" application and is the core AI module in our ShapesEdge and ShapesCloud applications. DataShapes collections of objects that define the extent of a category in high-dimensional feature space as well as its statistical properties, training data and representative source data. Patented Direct Learning generates DataShapes in real-time on any compute device.

Representing a new class of AI

DataShaper delivers "Show and Go" learning and recognition, rapid deployment, serverless pure SW AI with no requirement for HW acceleration, extreme embeddabiilty, adaptivity and fungibility and automated unstructured data transformation or "ETL at the Edge".


The DataShapes AI full-stack run-time and development platform, Direct Learning AI technology and Shapes data are each broadly patented.

Direct Learning is the logical culmination of an evolutionary cousin of neural nets that focused on geometric and statistical learning techniques rather than reductive parametric models. Shapes data, produced in real-time with very limited training time and samples, are the models used to perform inference operations. The Direct Learning approach results in significant operational efficiencies and breakthrough features including "Show and Go" learning and recognition and auditable results. White papers are available on request.

ETL at the Edge

80% of all new data is unstructured. Unstructured data is notoriously difficult to manage. In our view, the nature of unstructured data is the core problem that creates virtually all the challenges in Edge computing today. The most significant impact of our technology and products will be in unleashing value from the unstructured data enterprises already have and create every day. The impact of our Edge ETL will be similar to that of the first wave of ETL (exchange, transform, load) technology, which unleashed massive amounts of data trapped in enterprise silos beginning in the 1990s, creating today's $180 billion Big Data industry.


DataShapes is a San Francisco Bay Area company that is commercializing the patented, full-stack, market-ready DataShapes AI platform, powered by Direct Learning, in an enterprise SaaS portal that will support three breakthrough classes of Shapes application software: DataShaper ("ETL at the Edge"), ShapesEdge and ShapesCloud. DataShapes, formerly RokioAI, was founded in 2018 by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and financiers Jon Myers, Carl Berg and Sal DeTrane.


DataShapes is led by a team of deeply experienced entrepreneurs, software engineers, data analytics and science experts including the core team that created our breakthrough Direct Learning technology and instantiated it in the DataShapes AI platform.

Please contact us at or 888-805-7735 for more information.